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About Financial Services, LLC

DECA Financial Services, LLC (DECA) is a nationally licensed collection agency, located in Fishers, Indiana, which specializes in Healthcare (facility and physician), Education, Financial Services (banks and credit unions), and Municipal (taxes, tolls, etc.) based debt. DECA is staffed with professional account representatives who consult with consumers that are financially responsible for resolving any outstanding balances.


At DECA, attention to quality is at the center of our culture. DECA ensures that we are the top performing agency in all aspects of the quality of our collection service, including customer satisfaction.

That is why we pay attention to the details that impact recruitment of collectors, call monitoring, account auditing, and adherence to regulatory compliance.

We statistically measure quality through a long list of key performance indicators that include, but are not limited to, customer satisfaction, the number of calls each collector places, the number of agreed payments each achieves, and the amount of money collected.

We also take a holistic view of quality by monitoring our overall performance. We evaluate efficiencies in skiptracing, technology, customer satisfaction, training, and administration. DECA’s management team is continually seeking ways to improve our processes to ensure that we maintain the exceptional quality and achieve high collection rates for our clients.

Compliance and Certification

DECA invests money, time, resources, and energy into our compliance and quality efforts. We abide by the Federal, State, and Local laws that impact our industry. DECA is a SAS-70 certified company, a member of the American Collectors Association (ACA), follows ISO 9002 standards and complies with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). DECA also staffs our own in-house General Counsel and Compliance Manager.

Collection Methodology

DECA’s collection methodology is based on a carefully blended combination of a detailed implementation plan, our proprietary scoring methodology, customized collection letters, diligent telephone campaigns, and persistent skiptracing using our innovative processes and scheduled follow-up to ensure payments are made. It is worth noting that our collection strategy is regularly used on government-based portfolios that are more than twenty years past due. DECA applies these same principles to collect newer accounts with great success. One of DECA’s core strengths is liquidating aged accounts that other agencies would never attempt; therefore, we are even more effective on newer accounts which are considered to be less daunting.

Bilingual Recovery Specialists

DECA understands that many consumers may not speak English, which makes communications a challenge. DECA has a team of trained, bilingual recovery specialists who can work with your consumers to clearly communicate the nature of their obligation and assist them in paying the account. DECA makes it easy for Spanish-speaking consumer to contact us. Our interactive voice response (IVR) system is programmed to accommodate Spanish-speaking consumers at the press of a button. DECA also uses the Language Line, a service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help support our multilingual requirements.